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Spider Osaka
...I don't even know what this is.


It was bright and suny day in the netherwerld. the trees were singing and the sky and birds were nice. Raiden krichevskoy, who is Kavachi krichevskoys brother, got letter from Kavachi saying OVERLORD was arrack his place and there were monsters and succubus everywere.

'i must save my brother!' said Raiden krichevskoy. So he got on his bike and peduled to Kavachi krichevskoys place real fast. He peddaled realy fast but he had to be carefull - There were monsters there and he might get ticket. he road to top of hill and other people watching him? because he still was wear his school uniform.

'it is a good day to do what has to be done and help my brother defeat the enemys' he sed.

Raiden krichery got to his bruthers house and saw a sine that red 'MOLTED CORE' with someun riting under it that sed 'u sudnt com here'. he got off his bike and look round. The place was not nice. It was dark and angry and the dirt was bloody and messy from monsters and subbucus.

Him look at ground and see BOW AND ARROW. he picked them up and eqip them as wepon. he saw some monsters and sed 'MONSTERS LEAVE THIS PLACE!' and the monsters sed 'but we live here. :(' Raden was sad becus they cudnt live their anymore, so he shotted them with BOW AND ARROW and killed them and they were at peace. then he herd somun yell real loud 'RAIDEN KRICHBSKI GET OVER HERE!!!'

Raiden krichiskjy walked really fast and saw his brother Kavachi Kricherszky fighting the Middle Boss. 'BRO!!!' raiden said and shotted arrows real fast. the arrows got in the Middle Bosses eye and he cudnt see!

'now it is time to finish this once and for all!' Kavachi kricherbee sad and punched the Middle boss in the face and the middle Boss fell down.

'thanx i could help bro' Raiden kfkugfhjg said. 'u suld com here sooner' Kavachi said and they both laughed and everything was happy.


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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

I hope you approve. I was going to make a comic of this, with your permission.

Also, speaking of drawing, would you like to be a guest artist for the next Demon Blade omake strip? I don't think my own drawing style would do justice to the joke I have in mind.

Sure! What did you have in mind?

Michiko attempting to write yaoi. I want it to be illustrated in a ridiculously bishie Utena-esque style.




Any time is fine, but during March would be preferable. I'll draw up the storyboard tonight and send it to you the next time you're on MSN.

... /slow clap for Raiden

He's a special boy. Like, really special.

So very special. /gives him a cookie

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